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McCampbell, B McCampbell on Auction Tactics 1917, pages: 148, hard cover. AU$ 45.00
Melih Ozdil Competitive Bidding Melih Ozdil softcover 2017 278 pages AU$ 60.00
Melrose, C J Bridge Whist: Its Whys and Wherefores Year:1901 Pages:224 Format:hb Edition:1 Publisher:Upcott Gill, London AU$ 35.00
Metcalfe, A. R. Bridge That Wins A. R. Metcalfe hard cover 1905 pages: 131 AU$ 25.00
Michaels, Charles Your Half Table Headaches Are Over Author: Michaels, Charles Date:1957 Pages:23 AU$ 15.00
Midsem, A Tredje 100 Spill Fra Mesterhand Author: Midsem, A Comes with paper sleeve, Year: 1946, Pages: 205. AU$ 40.00
Mike Cappelletti & Bob Boyd Bridge Gimmicks And Gadgets 2012 paper 43 pages AU$ 12.00
Mikhailk M. Botvinnik Anatoly Karpov: His Road to the World Championship Author: Mikhailk M. Botvinnik Year: 1978 Pages: 158 Soft Cover AU$ 25.00
Miles, M Marshall Miles Teaches Logical Bridge Author: Miles, M Date:1967 Pages:319 AU$ 28.00
Miller, B Dear Billy Author: Miller, Billy AU$ 20.00
Miller, R It`s A Bidder`s Game Author: Miller, R Date:1955 Pages:46 AU$ 10.00
Milton K. Ozaki The FUNdamentals of Contract Bridge First Edition, 1963, 100 pages. AU$ 30.00
Mitchell, S Solitaire Bridge year:1928 pages:144 Hardcover AU$ 35.00
Mitchell, Samuel Solitaire Bridge Year:1928 Pages:144 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Sears, New York AU$ 30.00
Mollo, V Bridge In The Fourth Dimension Author: Mollo, V 1976 reprint Hard cover with dust jacket AU$ 25.00
Mollo, V Bridge in the Menagerie Author: Mollo, V Date:2013 dj AU$ 25.00
Mollo, V Bridge in the Menagerie Author: Mollo, V Date:1967 Pages:152 Hardcover with dust jacket AU$ 40.00
Mollo, V Bridge Saga Author: Mollo, V Date:1976 Pages:2009 AU$ 45.00
Mollo, V Confessions of an Addict Author: Mollo, V Date:1966 Pages:199 dj AU$ 50.00
Mollo, V Test Your Bridge Author: Mollo, V Date:1975 Pages:190 AU$ 20.00
Mollo, V The Bridge Immortals Author: Mollo, V Date:1968 Pages:256 AU$ 45.00
Mollo, V The Compleat Bridge Player Author: Mollo, V Date:1986 Pages:160 AU$ 40.00
Mollo, V The Hog Takes to Precision Author: Mollo, V Date:2011 Pages:207 AU$ 22.00
Mollo, V Victor Mollo`s Winning Double Author: Mollo, V Date:1973 2nd UK Edition Pages:162 pages AU$ 35.00
Mollo, V Victor Mollo`s Winning Double Author: Mollo, V Date:1973 2nd UK Edition Pages:162 pages AU$ 25.00
Mollo, V You Need Never Lose at Bridge Author: Mollo, V Date:1983 Pages:163 AU$ 25.00
Mollo, V & Gardener, N Card Play Technique Year:1971 Author: Mollo, V & Gardener, N pages: 381. worn. AU$ 22.00
Mollo, V & Jannersten E The Best of Bridge Author: Mollo, V & Jannersten E AU$ 40.00
Mollo, V & King, R Winning Bridge in the Menagerie Mollo, V & King, R, pages: 143, year: 2001 AU$ 20.00
Monk, C Bridge: Systeme Complet Des Encheres Modernes Author: Charles Monk, Softcover in plastic, Year: 1970, Pages: 276. AU$ 45.00
Montgomery, GC Auction Bridge in Ten Lessons Author: Montgomery, GC Date:1912 Pages:120 Charles Scribner's Sons, New York AU$ 35.00
Montgomery, Grace Greenwood Auction Bridge in Ten Lessons Year:1912 Pages:120 Format:leather Edition:1 Publisher:Scribner, New York AU$ 30.00
Morehead, A & Mott-Smith, G The Complete Book of Solitaire and Patience Softcover, 2001, 192 pages. AU$ 20.00
Morehead, Albert H Bridge the Expert Way Year:1943 Pages:62 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:The Bridge World, New York AU$ 25.00
Morley, HT Old and Curious Playing Cards Author: Morley, HT Date:1989 Pages:235 AU$ 45.00
Morris, William C Pithy Points in Auction Bridge Year:1923 Pages:67 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Reilly & Lee, Chicago AU$ 35.00
Mott-Smith, Geoffrey Contract Bridge and Advanced Auction Bidding Year:1927 Pages:281 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Minton Balch, New York AU$ 30.00
Mott-Smith, Geoffrey Pencil Bridge Author: Mott-Smith, Geoffrey AU$ 40.00
Mottelay, P. F. The Bridge Blue Book Year:1906 Pages:152 Edition:1 Format: HB Publishers: Charles Scribner's Sons, New York AU$ 40.00
Mottelay, Paul Fleury The Blue Book of Bridge Year:1906 Pages:152 Format:hb Edition:1 Publisher:Scribner, New York AU$ 30.00
Mundy, Captain Lindsay The Direct (British) System of contract bidding Author: Mundy, Captain Lindsay Date:1932 Hardcover AU$ 25.00
Mundy, Lindsay Contract Calling or Finger Posts to Finer Play Year:1931 Pages:118 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Methuen, London AU$ 30.00
N.A.C. Bathe Card Games Hardcover with dust jacket, 2001, 65 pages. AU$ 15.00
Nail, G & Hathorn, J How to Play the Hand Author: Nail, G & Hathorn, J Date:1961 Pages:73 AU$ 22.00
Nail, G & Hathorn, J M How to Play Championship Duplicate Bridge Author: Nail, G & Hathorn, J M Date:1963 Pages:69 AU$ 22.00
Nail, G Robert & Stucker, Robert Revolution in Bridge Year:1965 Pages:325 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Naylor, San Angelo Tx AU$ 35.00
Nicholson, Joyce Why Women Lose at Bridge Year:1985 Pages:95 Format:pb Edition:1 Publisher:Gollancz, London AU$ 25.00
Nielsen, Aksel J Focus on Bridge Defence Author: Nielsen, AJ Date:1980 Pages:196 AU$ 30.00
Noall W Australian One Club (x4) Author: Noall W AU$ 22.00
Noall, W Contract Bridge Pachabo The Australian System Author: Noall, W Date:1938 Pages:62 AU$ 120.00

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