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Reese, T Bridge Tips by World Masters Author: Reese, T Date:1987 Pages:176 AU$ 28.00
Reese, T The Expert Game Author: Reese, T 1st Edition, 2nd reprint Date:1958 Pages:190 Hard cover AU$ 35.00
Reese, Terence Reese on Play: An Introduction to Good Bridge Year:1947 Pages:232 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Edward Arnold & Co, London AU$ 40.00
Reese, Terence & Bird, David. Bridge - Tricks of the Trade 1989, pages: 144. Hard cover with dust jacket. AU$ 25.00
Reese, Terence & Dormer, Albert The Play of The Cards Year:1977 Pages:224 Format:hc Publisher:Penguin, London. x-lib. AU$ 25.00
Reese, Terence & Flint, Jeremy Trick 13 1979, hard cover with dust jacket, pages: 172 AU$ 55.00
Reith, George Accurate Contract Year:1931 Pages:241 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Day, New York AU$ 30.00
Rendel, Robert That Extra Trick Year:1932 Pages:126 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Allen & Unwin, London AU$ 22.00
Reshevsky, S Great Chess Upsets Hardcover with dust jacket, 1976, 311 pages. AU$ 40.00
Rigal, Barry Step-by-Step: Deception in Defence Year:1997 Pages:144 Format:paper Edition:1 Publisher:Batsford, London AU$ 22.00
Rigal, Barry Test Your Bridge Judgement Year:1997 Pages:186 Format:paper Edition:2 Publisher:Hale, London AU$ 30.00
Robert Brunner Treasury Of Gambling Stories Hardcover with no dust jacket, 1946, 382 pages. AU$ 45.00
Robertson, Edmund Royal Auction Bridge Year:1914 Pages:268 Format:hb Edition:1 Publisher:Field & Queen, London AU$ 40.00
Robertson, Edmund Royal Auction Bridge Year:1914 Pages:268 Format:hb Edition:1 Publisher:Field & Queen, London AU$ 30.00
Roger Longrigg The Artless Gambler Hard Cover, 114 pages. AU$ 25.00
Rosenberg, Michael Bridge, Zia...and me Author: Rosenberg, Michael 191 pages year:1999 AU$ 25.00
Roth, D Awareness - The way to Improve Your Bridge Author: Roth, D Date:1991 Pages:128 AU$ 25.00
Roth, Danny The Expert Club Player Year:1993 Pages:301 Format:paper Edition:1 Publisher:Collins Willow, London AU$ 20.00
Rudolph H. Rheinhardt Bibliography on Whist and Playing Cards 11 Pages, paper, photocopy of other book. Year: 1887. AU$ 30.00
S, Fry Jnr How to Win at Bridge with Any Partner Author: S, Fry Jnr Date:1960 Pages:144 AU$ 20.00
Sam Loyd Mathematical Puzzles Soft Cover, 167 pages. AU$ 25.00
Sam Loyd Mathematical Puzzles: vol. 2 Soft Cover, 177 pages, Year: 1960. AU$ 25.00
Saunders, Philip Frederick Bridge with My Wife Year:1987 Pages:143 Format:paper Edition:1 Publisher:Probray Press, Nottingham AU$ 22.00
Schambelan, B O & Lederer, Richard & Fisher, Arnold Building Bridge Year:1993 Pages:239 Format:paper Edition:1 Publisher:Simon & Schuster, New York AU$ 25.00
Seagram, B & Bird, D 25 Ways to Be a Better Defender Author: Seagram, B & Bird, D AU$ 22.00
Seagram, B & Smith, M 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know Author: Seagram, B & Smith, M AU$ 22.00
Seagram, Barbara & Bird, David L 25 Ways to Take More Tricks As Declarer Year:2003 Pages:188 Format:paper Edition:1 Publisher:Master Point Press, Toronto AU$ 22.00
Seagram, Barbara & Smith, Marc 25 Ways to Compete in the Bidding Year:2000 Pages:220 Format:paper Edition:1 Publisher:Master Point Press, Toronto AU$ 22.00
Sheinwold A First book of Bridge Author: Sheinwold A Date:1952 Pages:159 AU$ 12.00
Sheinwold A Fourth Book of Bridge Author: Sheinwold A Date:1956 AU$ 10.00
Sheinwold, A 101 Best Family Card Games Softcover, 1992, 128 pages. AU$ 18.00
Sheinwold, A. P. Autobridge Game Magazine - Vol 1, No 2 1942, paper magazine. AU$ 40.00
Shenkin, Barnet Playing With The Bridge Legends Author: Shenkin, Barnett AU$ 25.00
Shenkin, Barnet Playing with the Bridge Legends Author: Shenkin, Barnet Date:2000 Pages:235 AU$ 22.00
Shepard, EV Correct Auction Author: Shepard, EV Date:1920 Pages:258 Publishers: Harper & Brothers, New York & London AU$ 45.00
Shepard, EV Correct Auction Bridge Year:1920 Pages:258 Format:hbj Edition:2 Publisher:Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York AU$ 45.00
Shepard, EV Correct Contract Bridge Year:1929 Pages:265 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Doubleday, New York AU$ 30.00
Shepard, EV Expert Auction Year:1916 Pages:244 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York AU$ 30.00
Silver, D The Naked Bridge Player and Other Stories Author: Silver, D Date:2007 Pages:152 AU$ 15.00
Silver, David & Bourke, Tim Bridge the Silver Way Year:2000 Pages:189 Format:paper Edition:1 Publisher:Master Point Press, Toronto AU$ 12.00
Simon, S J Design for Bidding Year:1949 Pages:268 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Nicholson & Watson, London AU$ 40.00
Simonton, Sue Gunning Auction Bridge Made Easy Year:1923 Pages:21 Format:leather in a box Edition:1 Publisher:The Gibson Art Company, Cincinnati, Oh AU$ 25.00
Sint, C & Schipperheyn, T Bridge: Van Start Tot Finish 1 Softcover, Year: 1977, Pages: 112. AU$ 18.00
Smith, Forrest G The Elementary Squeeze Year:1989 Pages:51 Format:comb-bound Edition:1 Publisher:Canterbury Press, North Haven AU$ 30.00
Smith, M Man vs Machine Author: Smith, M Date:1999 Pages:96 AU$ 18.00
Smith, Marc World Class: Conversations with Bridge Masters Year:1999 Pages:287 Format:paper Edition:1 Publisher:Master Point Press, Toronto AU$ 25.00
Smith, Melville Auction Bridge Up-to-Date Year:c1932 Pages:77 Format:hbj Edition:1 3 Publisher:Foulsham, London AU$ 20.00
Sobel, Helen All The Tricks Year:1949 Pages:245 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Greenberg, New York AU$ 30.00
Sontag, A The Bridge Bum Author: Sontag, A Date:2003 Pages:240 AU$ 25.00
Squire, N Card Play Technique Author: Squire N AU$ 25.00

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