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Cade, Laurence Herbert Commonsense Contract Year:1933 Pages:240 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Hurst & Blackett, London Nice condition with dust jacket AU$ 30.00
Cappelletti, M 100 Bridge Problems Author: Cappelletti, M Date:2004 Pages:224 AU$ 22.00
Cavendish Cavendish on Whist (1892, 21st edition) 1892 21st Ed Gilt Edged; Author: Cavendish AU$ 55.00
Charles H. Goren High-Lights of Winning Bridge Goren, C. H. 1938 paper with spiral 42 pages AU$ 15.00
Charles, C Plaat Contract Bridge Today Charles, C. Plaat 1945 49 pages AU$ 20.00
Christopher Ward How to Complain Paperback, 264 pages. AU$ 20.00
Chua, Cathy The History of Australian Bridge Author: Chua, Cathy Date:1993 Pages:290 AU$ 25.00
Clarence R. White & Richie D. Williams White Bid Your Way to Winning Bridge - Made Easy softcover 1984 74 pages AU$ 25.00
Clark Boyden and prescott Warren Culbertson System of Playing Gin Rummy: Revised Ed Hard Cover with dust jacket. Author: Culbertson, E Date:1945 Pages:62 AU$ 25.00
Clark, F 50 Classic Bridge Hands played at Tavistock Author: Clark, F Date: 1999 Pages: 56 No dust jacket AU$ 40.00
Clay, John Culbertson: The Man Who Made Contract Bridge Year:1985 Pages:242 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London AU$ 35.00
Cochran, TC Auction Bridge Hand-Book Author: Cochran, TC Editor: Whitehead, W Date:1926 Pages:115 Henry Holt & Co., New York AU$ 25.00
Cochran, Thomas C Auction Bridge Handbook Year:1926 Pages:115 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Henry Holt & Co, New York AU$ 25.00
Cochran, Thomas C Auction Bridge Handbook Year:1926 Pages:115 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Henry Holt & Co, New York AU$ 30.00
Coffin, G The Poker Game Complete Hard cover with paper dust jacket, 1955 (second edition), 256 pages. AU$ 40.00
Coffin, George Sturgis Triangle Contract Year:1934 Pages:64 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Humphries, Boston AU$ 25.00
Coffin, GS Bridge Quarterly Magazine Vol 2 No 2 1958 Author: Coffin, GS AU$ 15.00
Cohen, B Acol Quiz Cohen, B Year:1963 Pages:96 Format:pb Edition:1 Publisher:Allen & Unwin, London AU$ 10.00
Cohen, B & Barrow, R Basic Acol Author: Cohen, B AU$ 8.00
Cohen, Ben & Lederer, Rhoda All About Acol Year:1976 Pages:264 Format:paperboard Edition:3 Publisher:Allen & Unwin, London AU$ 14.00
Cohen, Ben & Lederer, Rhoda Contract Bridge for Beginners Year:1974 Pages:142 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Collins, London AU$ 20.00
Cohen, Ben & Reese, Terence The Acol System of Contract Bridge Year:1946 Pages:84 Format:hbj Edition:3 Publisher:Joiner & Steele, London AU$ 15.00
Cole, B Fishheads Author: Cole, B Date:1991 Pages:144 AU$ 20.00
Collins, J H The Archer System Author: Collins, J H Date:1955 Hard cover AU$ 35.00
Courtenay, F Dudley The System The Experts Play Author: Courtenay, F Dudley Date:1936 (23rd Printing Pages:107 AU$ 30.00
Courtenay, F Dudley & Walshe, G G J The Losing Trick Count Year:1947 Ninth edition Pages:176 Format:hbj Edition:9 Publisher:Methuen, London AU$ 20.00
Courtney, W. P. English Whist 1894 p400 Hard cover AU$ 110.00
Cox, Nicola Bridge Player's Supper Book Year:1995 Pages:96 Format:paper Edition:1 Publisher:Gollancz, London AU$ 30.00
Cox, Spencer & Meldon, W. W. The Combined Count Cox, Spencer & Meldon, W. W. 1936 (2nd Ed) hard cover AU$ 25.00
Crane, Joshua Common Sense in Contract Bidding Year:1936 Pages:126 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Pearson, London AU$ 25.00
Crane, Joshua The Crane System of Modern Contract Bidding Crane, Joshua 1947 Hardcover with dust jacket 106 pages AU$ 25.00
Criticus (Judge Edward Keays) Contract Simplicitas Year:1933 Pages:332 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Jenkins, London AU$ 30.00
Culbertson E Point Count Bidding Author: Culbertson E hardcover with dust jacket 222 pages AU$ 20.00
Culbertson, E 5 Suit Bridge 1938 paper 47 pages AU$ 25.00
Culbertson, E 60 Contract Lesson Hands Culbertson, E Soft cover 1933 160 pages AU$ 40.00
Culbertson, E Autobridge Contract Bridge Hands - Olympic Special 1939, paper magazine. AU$ 40.00
Culbertson, E Culbertson on Contract paper stapled 1932 16 pages AU$ 15.00
Culbertson, E Culbertson's Autobridge Magazine - Vol 1, No 1 31 pages, paper magazine AU$ 30.00
Culbertson, E The Official Culbertson System of Contract Bridge Culbertson, E 1944 Hardcover with dustjacket 402 pages AU$ 30.00
Culbertson, Ely The 1932 World Bridge Olympic Hands Year:1932 Pages:96 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:The Bridge World-Cloth, New York AU$ 60.00
Culbertson, Ely Three Hundred Contract Bridge Hands Year:1933 Pages:390 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:The Bridge World, New York AU$ 60.00
Culbertson, Ely & Webster, Harold Tucker The Culbertson Webster Contract System Year:1933 Pages:152 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Allen & Unwin, London AU$ 35.00
Cummings, R. J., Howard, D. W. & Smilde, R. A. The Australian Open Team at the 3rd World Olympiad 1968, pages: 76, paperback, spiral. AU$ 20.00
Cut-Cavendish How to Win At Bridge 1912, 5th edition, p109 AU$ 20.00
Daily Express Better Auction Bridge Year:1929 Pages:59 Format:hardcover Edition:1 Publisher:Lane, London AU$ 25.00
Dalton, Basil Contract Bridge and its Development from Auction Dalton, Basil 1929 paperback 94 pages AU$ 40.00
Dalton, W Bridge Abridged (Dalton on Bridge, 9th edn) Author: Dalton, W Date:1912 Pages:182 AU$ 28.00
Dalton, W Bridge Abridged (Dalton on Bridge,5th edn) Author: Dalton, W Date:1903 Pages: 205 hard cover AU$ 30.00
Dalton, W Saturday Bridge Author: Dalton, W Date:1910 Pages:248 Loose spine AU$ 85.00
Dalton, W. Auction Bridge (10th edn) Author: Dalton, W Date:1924, 10th edition. Pages:229 AU$ 35.00

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