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Lampert, Harry The Fun Way to Advanced Bridge 1990, soft cover, pages: 158. AU$ 26.95
Lawrence and Hansen Winning Bridge Intangibles Author: Lawrence & Hansen AU$ 14.95
Lawrence, M Disturbing Opponents` No Trump (DONT) Author: Lawrence, M Date:1995 Pages:45 AU$ 12.95
Lawrence, M How To Read Your Opponents` Cards Author: Lawrence, Mike Date:2006 Pages:175 AU$ 29.95
Lawrence, M Judgement at Bridge Author: Lawrence, Mike AU$ 26.95
Lawrence, M Judgement at Bridge 2 Author: Lawrence, Mike Date: 2017 Pages:224 Baron Barclay Bridge Supply AU$ 34.95
Lawrence, M Play Bridge with Mike Lawrence Author: Lawrence, Mike AU$ 24.95
Lawrence, M The Complete Book on Balancing Author: Lawrence, M Date:1983, 2012 Pages:451 pages Heavy to post AU$ 44.95
Lawrence, M & Wirgren, A I Fought The Law of Total Tricks Author: Lawrence, M & Wirgren, A Date:2004 Pages:271 AU$ 29.95
Lawrence, Mike Double! Author: Lawrence, Mike Date:2002 AU$ 29.95
Lawrence, Mike Falsecards Second edition AU$ 32.95
Lawrence, Mike How to Play Card Combinations Year:1988 Pages:227 Format:paper Edition:1 Publisher:Devyn Press, Louisville, Ky AU$ 29.95
Lawrence, Mike Insights on Bridge Book 2: Bid, Play, and Defend 2020, 202 pages. AU$ 29.95
Lawrence, Mike Insights on Bridge: Moments in Bidding - Book 1 2019, soft cover, pages: 211. AU$ 29.95
Lawrence, Mike Mike Lawrence`s Workbook On The Two Over One System Date:1987 Pages:189 AU$ 29.95
Lawrence, Mike Opening Leads Author: Lawrence, Mike SC 1996 289p Heavy to post - $37 for pick-up AU$ 44.95
Lawrence, Mike The Complete Book on Overcalls Author: Lawrence, Mike AU$ 39.95
Lawrence, Mike The Complete Book On Takeout Doubles Date:2013 AU$ 39.95
Lawrence, Mike The Complete Guide to Passed Hand Bidding Author: Lawrence, Mike Date:2011 Pages:207 AU$ 36.95
Lawrence, Mike The Devyn Press Handbook of Partnership Understandings Author: Lawrence, Mike Date:1990 AU$ 12.95
Lawrence, Mike Tips on Bidding Based on Mike Lawrence’s Bridge Tips series for intermediate players. AU$ 32.95
Lawrence, Mike Tips on Cardplay Author: Lawrence, Mike Year:2015 Pages:309 Format:paper Master Point Press AU$ 34.95
LAWS LAWS 2017 HC Author: LAWS AU$ 20.95
LAWS LAWS 2017 SC Author: LAWS AU$ 22.95
Lee R & L (Eds.) Northern Lights Author: Lee, R & L (Eds.) AU$ 29.95
Lennon, J Championship Defensive Bidding Author: Lennon, J AU$ 24.95
Leve, Guy The Encyclopedia of Card Play Techniques at Bridge Author: Leve, Guy Date:2007 Pages:423 AU$ 49.95
Levin, David Bridge Puzzles for Children 2004, 128 pages AU$ 26.95
Lindkvist, M (Ed.) Classic and Modern Conventions 1 Author: Lindkvist, M (Ed.) Date:2001 AU$ 39.95
Lindkvist, M (Ed.) Classic and Modern Conventions 2 Author: Lindkvist, M (Ed.) Date:2002 AU$ 44.95
Lindkvist, M (Ed.) Classic and Modern Conventions 3 Author: Lindkvist, M (Ed.) Date:2003 AU$ 49.95
Lindkvist, M (Ed.) Classic and Modern Conventions 4 Author: Lindkvist, M (Ed.) Date:2003 Pages:578 AU$ 49.95
Littler, Malcolm A Strong Club Author: Littler, Malcolm AU$ 12.95
Love, Clyde E Bridge Squeezes Complete Author: Love, Clyde E Date:1968 Pages:260 AU$ 39.95
Lyn & Malcolm Carter Teaching Contract Bridge to Children 2019, pages: 152, soft cover. AU$ 34.95
Lynch, Mary Free Range Bridge For Women Only, how to lift your game AU$ 19.95
Mackinnon, R Richelieu Plays Bridge Author: Mackinnon, R Date:2002 Pages:256 AU$ 29.95
Mackinnon, R Samurai Bridge Author: Mackinnon, R.F. Date:2001 Pages:256 AU$ 29.95
MacKinnon, Robert F Bridge, Probability and Information Author: MacKinnon, Robert F Date:2010 Pages:192 AU$ 29.95
Mark Aquino Shark's Pointers Author: Aquino, Mark Pages:206, soft cover 2021 AU$ 34.95
Mark Horton The Last Board Softcover, 2018, Pages: 242 AU$ 34.95
Marston, P Cheat Sheet For 5 Card majors Author: Marston, Paul Date:2011 AU$ 12.95
Marston, Paul All About Notrump Author: Marston, Paul Date:2022 Third Edition AU$ 19.95
Marston, Paul Cheat Sheet For the Acol System Author: Marston, Paul Date:2010 AU$ 12.95
Marston, Paul Introduction to Bridge Author: Marston, Paul Date:2021 Sixth Edition Pages:96 AU$ 19.95
Marston, Paul Introduction to Bridge -Acol version Author: Marston, Paul Date:1990 Pages:85 AU$ 19.95
Marston, Paul Language of Bidding (Acol) Author: Marston, Paul Date:2009 Pages:187 pages AU$ 29.95
Marston, Paul The Language of Bidding: Strong Notrump Pages: 183 6th Edition 2021 AU$ 34.95
Marston, Paul The Principles of Card Play Author: Marston, Paul Date:2010 AU$ 26.95
Martens, K Professional Competitive Bidding Part 1 173 pages, paperback. AU$ 44.95

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