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This is a listing of all our new books on offer. The list is sorted alphabetically by author and then by title, but as there are about 500 items in this list, you may find it easier to search by author or by keyword by using the search box above.


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Hall & Rose-Hall How the Experts Win at Bridge Author: Hall & Rose-Hall AU$ 44.95
Hammond, Nicolas Detecting Cheating in Bridge soft cover, 206 pages, 2019 AU$ 44.95
Hans, Sartaj Battling the Best Author: Sartaj Hans 2016 Soft cover 207 pages AU$ 34.95
Hardy, M The Problems with Major Suit Raises Author: Hardy, M AU$ 17.95
Hardy, Max Advanced Bridge Bidding for the 21st Century Book Author: Max Hardy Book Skill Level: Intermediate Book Pages: 336 Year: 2002 AU$ 44.95
Hayden, D Winning Declarer Play Author: Truscott, D Year: 2013 Pages: 269 Softcover AU$ 29.95
Helms, J Helms to Hello Author: Helms, J Date:2006 Pages:45 AU$ 12.95
Hoffman, M Bridging Two Worlds 2019, soft cover AU$ 39.95
Holtham, Paul Bridge Mix:Chocolate-covered ontracts and plenty of nuts Author: Holtham, Paul Date:2011 Pages:139 AU$ 29.95
Horton, M Better Signalling Now Author: Horton, M Date:2014 Pages:128 AU$ 19.95
Horton, M Bridge Master vs. Bridge Amateur Author: Horton, M AU$ 29.95
Horton, M The Hands of Time Author: Horton, M AU$ 29.95
Horton, M & Kielbasinski, R The Bridge Magicians Author: Horton, M & Kielbasinski, R AU$ 34.95
Horton, Mark Misplay these hands With Me Author: Horton, Mark AU$ 29.95
Horton, Mark & Van Cleef, Jan The Mysterious Multi: How to Play It, How to Play Against It Author: Horton, Mark & Van Cleef, Jan Date:2010 Pages:208 AU$ 29.95
Horton, Mark and Kokish, Eric Tips and tricks to improve your bridge game AU$ 29.95
Hughes, Roy Building a Bidding System Author: Hughes, Roy Date:2005 Pages:148 AU$ 29.95
Hughes, Roy Canada's Bridge Warriors: Eric Murray & Sami Kehela Date:2007 Pages:336 AU$ 34.95
Hughes, Roy Card by Card Author: Hughes, Roy Date:2006 Pages:240 AU$ 29.95
Hughes, Roy The Contested Auction Year: 2012 Pages: 336 AU$ 36.95
Jackson, David & Klinger, Ron Better Balanced Bidding - The Banzai Method Author: Jackson, David & Klinger, Ron AU$ 29.95
Jackson, Jim One Trick at a Time Jim Jackson. Paperback. 168pp, 2012 AU$ 32.95
Jassem, Krzysztof Polish Club International An updated version of Polish Club AU$ 24.95
Jayaram, R & Ghanem, G The Romance of Bridge Author: Jayaram, R & Ghanem, G Date:2009 Pages:187 AU$ 29.95
Jeppe Juhl Master of Bridge Psychology Soft cover, 2018, pages: 216 AU$ 32.95
Joe Blatnick Bridge: The 7 Deadly Sins Year: 2012 Softcover Pages: 147 AU$ 29.95
Josephina Burrie Director, Please! (Director's Perspective) Softcover, Year: 2017, Pages: 78 AU$ 26.95
Jourdain, P Patrick Jourdain`s Problem Corner Author: Jourdain, P Date:2009 Pages:160 AU$ 29.95
Kaban, T A Complete System for the Tournament Player Year:2016 Pages:233 Format:paperboard Master Point Press AU$ 29.95
Kantar, E A Treasury of Bridge Tips Author: Kantar, E Year:2013 AU$ 29.95
Kantar, E Bridge For Dummies Author: Kantar, E Date:1997 Pages:382 AU$ 45.00
Kantar, E Classic Kantar Author: Kantar, E AU$ 29.95
Kantar, E Eddie Kantar teaches Advanced Bridge Defense Author: Kantar, E Date:1990 Pages:240 AU$ 39.95
Kantar, E Eddie Kantar teaches Modern Bridge Defense Author: Kantar, E Date:1990 Pages:240 AU$ 39.95
Kantar, E Eddie Kantar Topics in Declarer Play at Bridge Author: Kantar, E Date:2002 Pages:220 AU$ 39.95
Kantar, E Introduction to Defense: Second Edition 2019, soft cover, 159 pages. AU$ 26.95
Kantar, E Kantar for the Defense Volume 1 Author: Kantar, E Date:1983 Pages:212 AU$ 29.95
Kantar, E Kantar for the Defense Volume 2 Author: Kantar, E Date:1987 Pages:204 AU$ 29.95
Kantar, E Roman Keycard Blackwood: The Final Word Author: Kantar, E Date:2008 Pages:240 AU$ 34.95
Kantar, E Take all Your Chances at Bridge Author: Kantar, E Date:2009 Pages:166 AU$ 33.95
Kantar, E Take all Your Chances at Bridge 2 Author: Kantar, E Date:2011 Pages:155 AU$ 29.95
Kantar, E Test Your Play 100 Declarer-Play Problems Author: Kantar, E AU$ 24.95
Kantar, Eddie Introduction to Declarer`s Play Author: Kantar, E Wilshire Press AU$ 22.95
Kantar, Eddie Introduction to Defender`s Play Author: Kantar, E Date:1976 Pages:160 pages AU$ 26.95
Kauder, J. S. Bridge Philosopher 3 2012, soft cover, pages: 289. AU$ 34.95
Kauder, J. S. Bridge Philosopher 4 2015, soft cover, pages: 174. AU$ 34.95
Kelsey, H & Glauert, M Bridge Odds for Practical Players Author: Kelsey, H & Glauert, M Date:2013 Pages:125 AU$ 26.95
Kelsey, Hugh Bridge for the Connoisseur Author: Kelsey, Hugh Date:2002 Pages:144 AU$ 29.95
Kelsey, Hugh More Killing Defence at Bridge Author: Kelsey, Hugh AU$ 29.95
Kimelman, N Improve Your Bidding Judgement Author: Kimelman, Neil AU$ 29.95

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You, too, can play a Good Game Of Modern Bridge
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Battling the Best
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