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This is a listing of all our new books on offer. The list is sorted alphabetically by author and then by title, but as there are about 500 items in this list, you may find it easier to search by author or by keyword by using the search box above.


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David Bird & Tim Bourke The Simple Squeeze Paperback, 105pp, 2004 AU$ 19.95
David Oakley Multi-Landy AU$ 46.95
Dawson, D & Wilkins, C Bridge Outside the Box with Val Kovachev 2020, 196 pages, soft cover AU$ 39.95
Dawson, D. Santa Fe Precision soft cover, 2019, 215 pages AU$ 39.95
de Meer, Wim One Circle Author: de Meer, Wim Date:2005 Pages:385 AU$ 29.95
DeSerpa, Allan Minor Suit Inventions 2020, 145 pages, paperback AU$ 29.95
DeSerpa, Allan Pattern Relays 2020, 227 pages, paperback. AU$ 32.95
DeSerpa, Allan Sixpack 2014, Soft Cover, 220 pages. AU$ 29.95
Dianne Aves Counting at Bridge AU$ 36.95
Dick, Ross Common Bidding Mistakes To Avoid Author: Dick, Ross Date:2005 Pages:208 AU$ 29.95
Dormer, A Dormer on Deduction Author: Albert Dormer Date:1995 SC 1st Edition 143 pages Master Bridge Series AU$ 29.95
Downey, N & Pomer, E Standard Bidding with SAYC Author: Downey, N & Pomer, E AU$ 34.95
Dufresne & Ellingsen Bridge with Bells and Whistles Author: Dufresne & Ellingsen Date:2011 Pages:239 AU$ 34.95
Eddie Kantar Defensive Tips for Bad Card Holders Year:2013 Edition:2 AU$ 44.95
Feldheim, H Winning Swiss Team Tactics Author: Feldheim, H Date:1993 Pages:272 AU$ 29.95
Flynn, Elizabeth The Eight of Clubs Was Good? Author: Flynn, Elizabeth Date:2015 Format: paperback pages: 160 Master Point Press AU$ 19.95
Forquet, Pietro Bridge With The Blue Team Author: Forquet, Pietro Date:1987 Pages:384 AU$ 44.95
Frank, Stewart What's Your Call? 2013 Soft Cover 224 pages AU$ 29.95
Frazer, K Gaining the Mental Edge 2019, soft cover, Masterpoint press, pages: 175 AU$ 39.95
Garnett, Andrew Major Suit Raises 2016, 109 pages, paperback. AU$ 24.95
Ginossar, Eldad Power Up Your Bridge Game Author: Ginossar, Eldad Date:2019 Pages:184 AU$ 32.95
Gitelman, F Master Class/Lessons from the Bridge Table Author: Gitelman, F Date:2005 Pages:207 AU$ 29.95
Gitelman, F & Horton, M Duplicate Bridge At Home 2008, 264 pages, soft cover AU$ 29.95
Gitelman, F & Rubens J Playing Suit Combinations Softcover, Year: 2017 Pages: 120 AU$ 24.95
Goldfinger, Paul Coming Back to Bridge 2021, 112 pages AU$ 19.95
Gooden & Thomas Sherlock Holmes, Bridge Detective Returns Author: Thomas, F AU$ 29.95
Goodwin, J & Ellison, D Teach Me to Play Author: Goodwin, J & Ellison, D AU$ 34.95
Goodwin, Jude Go Ahead, Laugh! Author: Goodwin, Jude Date:2006 Pages:160 AU$ 26.95
Granovetter, M Bridge Conventions in Depth Author: Granovetter, M & P AU$ 49.95
Granovetter, M Murder at the Bridge Table Author: Granovetter, M AU$ 26.95
Grant, A & Rodwell, E 2 Over 1 Game Force Publisher: Baron Barclay Bridge, Date:2009 Pages:254 AU$ 34.95
Grant, Audrey ACBL Spade Series:Commonly Used Conventions Author: Grant, Audrey AU$ 39.95
Grant, Audrey ACBL Spade Series:More Commonly Used Conventions Author: Grant, Audrey AU$ 39.95
Grant, Audrey Bridge Basics 1 - An Introduction Author: Grant, Audrey Date:2005 Pages:206 AU$ 29.95
Grant, Audrey Bridge Basics 2 - Competitive Bidding Author: Grant, Audrey Date:2005 Pages:230 AU$ 29.95
Grant, Audrey Bridge Basics 3 - Popular Conventions Author: Grant, Audrey Date:2007 Pages:230 AU$ 29.95
Grant, Audrey Entries: Five Steps to Overcome Entry Problems 2016, pages: 45, soft cover. AU$ 16.95
Grant, Audrey Five Steps to Simplify Defense 2020, 57 pages. AU$ 16.95
Grant, Audrey Five Tips to Simplify Card Combinations 2019, 55 pages, paperback. AU$ 16.95
Grant, Audrey Improving Your Judgement 1 - Opening the Bidding Author: Grant, Audrey Date:2007 Pages:166 AU$ 26.95
Grant, Audrey Improving Your Judgement 2 - Doubles Author: Grant, Audrey Date:2006 Pages:150 AU$ 26.95
Groner, A Duplicate Bridge Direction Author: Groner, A AU$ 29.95
Gullick, J Understanding Duplicate Pairs Author: Klinger & Kambites Date:2002 Pages:160 AU$ 26.95
Hardy, M Standard Bridge - Bidding for the 21st Century Author: Hardy, M Date:2000 Pages:296 AU$ 44.95
Hardy, M Standard Bridge Bidding for the 21st Century Author: Hardy, M AU$ 39.95
Hardy, M The Problems with Major Suit Raises Author: Hardy, M AU$ 17.95
Hardy, M Two Over One Game Force Author: Hardy, M 10TH PRINTING 2012 314 pages AU$ 39.95
Hardy, Max Advanced Bridge Bidding for the 21st Century Book Author: Max Hardy Book Skill Level: Intermediate Book Pages: 336 Year: 2002 AU$ 44.95
Hayden, D Winning Declarer Play Author: Truscott, D Year: 2013 Pages: 269 Softcover AU$ 32.95
Helms, J Helms to Hello Author: Helms, J Date:2006 Pages:45 AU$ 12.95

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