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Pre 1840

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Hoyle Edmond Mr. Hoyles Games of Chess Whist Quadrille, Piquet, Chess & Backg Author: Hoyle Edmond Pages:232 AU$ 500.00
Hoyle Edmond & J.G.Pohlman Hoyles Games (1807)& Whist Rendered familiar (1827) Author: Hoyle Edmond & J.G.Pohlman AU$ 300.00
Hoyle, Edmond Hoyles Games Improved; Whist, Quadrlle, Piquet, Chess, Backgammo Author: Hoyle, Edmond AU$ 350.00
Philidor, Andre Analysis of Chess; Caissa - a poem by William Jones; The Morals Author: Philidor, Andre Date:1652 Pages:313 AU$ 1 200.00
Philidor, Andre Analysis of the Game of Chess Author: Philidor, Andre AU$ 5 000.00
Philidor, Andre & J.G.Pohlman (see also Hoyle) Chess Rendered familiar etc. By J.G.Pohlman. London 1819 Author: Philidor, Andre & J.G.Pohlman (see also Hoyle) Date:1819 AU$ 4 000.00
Philidor, Andre ; London; Samuel Bagster 1808 Studies of Chess Author: Philidor, Andre Date:1803 AU$ 4 000.00
Sarratt, J.H. The works of Damiano, Ruy-Lopez, and Salvio on the game of chess Author: Sarratt, J.H. Date:1813 Pages:408 AU$ 600.00
Various The Sporting Magazine 1819 Author: Various AU$ 220.00

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