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Post 1948

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Chess Algebraic Chess Volume 49A Author: Chess Algebraic AU$ 30.00
Clarke.P.H. Mikhail Tal`s Best Games of Chess. (Londonj. Bell & sons 1961) Author: Clarke.P.H. Date:2002 Pages:192 AU$ 275.00
Cozens, W.H. Tal since 1960, BCM quartlerly No 16. Author: Cozens, W.H. Date:1974 Pages:106 AU$ 100.00
Cyrano Chess Tattoo Resumed. Caissa, Copenhagen 1978 Author: Cyrano AU$ 40.00
Golombek, H The Game of Chess Author: Golombek, H Pages: 297 3rd Edition 1980 AU$ 30.00
Hooper, D & Whyld, K The Oxford Companion to Chess Author: Hooper, D & Whyld, K Date:1996 Pages:496 AU$ 60.00
Hooper.D & Winter.W World Chamionship Candidates 1953. K.Whyld England Nov` 1953. Author: Hooper.D & Winter.W Date:1953 Pages:96 AU$ 50.00
Horowitz. I.A. et. al Chess Review Aug-Dec 1944, (4 issues complete) 1945 (10 issues, Author: Horowitz. I.A. et. al AU$ 1 000.00
Karpov, Anatoly Chess at the Top 1979-1984. (Pergamon, 1984) Author: Karpov, Anatoly Date:1984 Pages:196 AU$ 200.00
Karpov, Anatoly Chess is My Life. (Pergamon, 1980) Author: Karpov, Anatoly Date:1979 Pages:370 AU$ 250.00
Kmoch Hans Rubinstein's Chess Masterpieces: 100 Selected Games Author: Kmoch Hans Date:1960 Pages:192 AU$ 50.00
Korn Walter America`s Chess Heritage. Author: Korn Walter Date:1982 Pages:302 AU$ 35.00
Kraemer, A & Zepler, E Im Banne des Schachproblems (Berlin 1951) Author: Kraemer, A & Zepler, E Date:1951 AU$ 120.00
Leve, Guy The Encyclopedia of Chess Author: Sunnucks, Anne Date:1976 Pages:619 AU$ 30.00
Polugayevsky Lev Grandmaster performance Author: Polugayevsky Lev Date:1994 Pages:192 AU$ 180.00
Szabo.L My Best Games of Chess, Pergammon Press 1986 Author: Szabo.L Date:1986 Pages:232 AU$ 150.00
Vukcevich, Milan Chess by Milan (Ohio 1981) Author: Vukcevich, Milan AU$ 120.00

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