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1915 - 1948

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A.Alekhine, A.Nimzowitsch, R Spielman etc. Semmering 1926 Author: A.Alekhine, A.Nimzowitsch, R Spielman etc. Date:1969 Pages:100 AU$ 30.00
A.C.White Xmas series- 1915 - A.C.White Tasks & Echoes. Stroud ,The Chess Amateur 1915 Author: A.C.White Xmas series Date:1915 Pages:223 AU$ 300.00
A.C.White Xmas series- 1919 - P.H.Williams, R.Gevers All Change here! Stroud, the Chess Amateur 1919 Author: A.C.White Xmas series- 1919 - P.H.Williams, R.Gevers Pages:395 AU$ 200.00
A.C.White Xmas series- 1926 - H.Weenik The Chess Problem. Stroud, office of the "Chess Amateur" 1926 Author: A.C.White Xmas series- 1926 - H.Weenik Pages:318 AU$ 200.00
Birmingham, EH Staunton`s Chess-Player`s Handbook Author: Birmingham, EH Date:1915 Pages:541 AU$ 50.00
Chalupetzky.F. & Florian.T Tschigrin Gedenkturnier. Hungary 1947 Author: Chalupetzky.F. & Florian.T Date:1950 AU$ 120.00
Cheron. Andre. Les Echecs Artistiques. Payot & Co. Paris, 1934 Author: Cheron. Andre. AU$ 65.00
E.Bogoljubow, A Nimzowitch etc Breslau 1925 Author: E.Bogoljubow, A Nimzowitch Date:1977 Pages:72 AU$ 30.00
Euwe Max From My Games (Bell & Sons 1946, 1st reprtint of 1938 work) Author: Euwe Max Date:1975 Pages:245 AU$ 60.00
J. Du Mont The Basis of Combination in Chess Author: J. Du Mont Date:1978 Pages:213 AU$ 150.00
Kagan, Bernhard Alekhine-Teichmann 1921 Author: Kagan, Bernhard Date:1921 Pages:8 AU$ 20.00
Mansfield, Comins Adventures in Composition. Alaine White editor/publisher London1 Author: Mansfield, Comins Date:1948 Pages:200 AU$ 170.00
Maroczy Geza & Watts. W.H. London International Chess Congress 1922 Author: Maroczy Geza & Watts. W.H. Date:2001 Pages:388 AU$ 150.00
Niemeijer Zo Sprak Wolfganf Pauly Author: Dr. Niemeijer, M. Date:1948 Pages:128 AU$ 80.00
Spielman, Rudolf The Art of Sacrifice in Chess Author: Spielman, Rudolf Date:2011 Pages:224 AU$ 180.00
Various British Chess Magazine 1926 Author: Various AU$ 120.00
Watts.W.H & M.E.Goldstein Chess Pie No. 2 Author: Watts.W.H & M.E.Goldstein Date:2004 Pages:120 AU$ 300.00
Wood. B.H. Chess. Vol 13 1948 Author: Wood. B.H. AU$ 60.00
Wood. B.H. Chess. Vol 14 1949 Author: Wood. B.H. AU$ 120.00

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