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Anderl, S A Gambling Catalogue Author: Anderl, S AU$ 35.00
Anon Novelty Evenings c.1930 Author: Anon AU$ 15.00
Anon The Standard Hoyle Author: Anon Date:1907 AU$ 60.00
Anon The Standard Hoyle - A Complete Guide Author: Anon Date:2010 Pages:540 AU$ 65.00
Arnold & Johnston Poker Author: Arnold & Johnston Date:1929 Pages:166 AU$ 25.00
Arnold, P The Complete Book of Card Games Hardcover with dust jacket, 1989, 256 pages. AU$ 35.00
Baxter-Wray Round Games with Cards Author: Baxter-Wray Date:1891 Pages:116 AU$ 15.00
Beal, G Playing Cards and Their Story Author: Beal, G Date:1975 Pages:120 Hard cover with dust jacket. AU$ 30.00
Berkeley Piquet & Rubicon Piquet Author: Berkeley Date:1891 Pages:70 AU$ 20.00
Brock, Sally The Complete Book of Card Games Author: Arnold, P Date:2010 Pages:256 AU$ 25.00
Brock, Sally The Complete Book of Card Games Author: Phillips, H & Westall, BC Date:1993 Pages:335 AU$ 8.00
Brokaw, EV & Bro. Rules of Russian Bank Author: Brokaw, EV & Bro. Date:1920 AU$ 8.00
Butler, F & S Cribbage - How to Play and Win Author: Butler, F & S Date:2000 AU$ 25.00
Cavendish Cavendish On Piquet Author: Cavendish Date:1896 Pages:208 AU$ 25.00
Cavendish Round Games At Cards 2nd Ed Author: Cavendish Date:1875 Pages:55 AU$ 25.00
Cavendish Rubicon Bezique Author: Cavendish Date:1895 Pages:49 AU$ 18.00
Cawley, CC Full House Author: Cawley, CC Date:1969 Pages:91 AU$ 15.00
Clark Boyden and prescott Warren Culbertson System of Playing Gin Rummy: Revised Ed Hard Cover with dust jacket. Author: Culbertson, E Date:1945 Pages:62 AU$ 25.00
Coffin, GS Fortune Poker Author: Coffin, GS Date:1949 Pages:198 AU$ 15.00
Cohen Leo & Scharff R Cohen`s Complete Book of Gin Rummy Author: Cohen Leo & Scharff R Date:1973 Pages:346 AU$ 10.00
Cohen Leo & Scharff R Gin Rummy Author: Monkland, George Date:1981 Pages:136 AU$ 10.00
Cohen Leo & Scharff R Rummy Author: Desai/Desai/Mehta/Singh Pages:68 AU$ 20.00
Crawford, JR How to be a Consistent Winner in Popular Card Games Author: Crawford, JR Date:1988 Pages:196 AU$ 35.00
Culbertson E (Ed.) Games Digest - The All-Games Magazine Author: Culbertson E (Ed.) Date:1938 AU$ 15.00
Culbertson E (Ed.) Games Digest - The All-Games Magazine Author: Culbertson E (Ed.) AU$ 15.00
Culbertson, E Jo-Jotte Author: Culbertson, E Date:1937 AU$ 28.00
Dalton, B The Complete Patience Book Basil Dalton, pages: 259, year: 1964. AU$ 25.00
Dawson, LH Hoyle`s Card Games Author: Dawson, LH Date:1979 Pages:280 AU$ 10.00
Dowling, A The Great American Pastime: Notes on Poker Author: Dowling, A Date:1970 Pages:244 AU$ 25.00
Dowling, Seamus The History of Playing Cards Author: Benham, W Date:1931 Pages:195 AU$ 30.00
Ferguson, Albert B Freguson`s.. Poker Bridge ..More fun thanever for Bridge Players Author: Ferguson, Albert B Date:1935 Pages:27 AU$ 25.00
Foster, RF Comprehensive Handbook to the Card Games Author: Foster, RF Date:1889 Pages:493 Hard Cover, no dust jacket. AU$ 75.00
Foster, RF Foster`s Russian Bank (or Crapette) Author: Foster, RF Date:1920 Pages:66 AU$ 20.00
Foster, RF Russian Bank (or Crapette) Game for 2 players Author: Foster, RF Date:1920 AU$ 10.00
Frey RL According to Hoyle Author: Frey RL AU$ 8.00
GFP Hoyle`s Games Modernised Author: GFP AU$ 100.00
Gibson, W Poker - How to Play How to Win Author: Gibson, W Date:1974 Pages:143 AU$ 15.00
Glenn, Jim Programmed Poker Hardcover, no dust jacket. Author: Glenn, Jim Date:1981 Pages:159 AU$ 25.00
Goren, Charles Go with the Odds Author: Goren, Charles Date:1969 AU$ 20.00
Hellmuth, Phil Jr. Phil Hellmuth`s Texas Hold`em Author: Hellmuth, Phil Jr. Date:2005 Pages:320 AU$ 20.00
Hoffman Professor Hoyles Games Modernised Author: Hoffman Professor Date:2007 Pages:476 AU$ 80.00
Hoffman Professor Modern Magic Author: Hoffman Professor Date:1898 Pages:511 AU$ 95.00
Hoffmann, Prof. L Hoyle`s Games Modernised Author: Hoffmann, Prof. L AU$ 60.00
Hoffmann, Prof. L The Modern Hoyle Author: Hoffmann, Prof. L Date:1889 Pages:222 AU$ 120.00
Hoffmann, Professor L The Illustrated Book of Patience Games Author: Hoffmann, Professor L Date:1892 Pages:123 AU$ 80.00
Howe, WH Everybody`s Book of Indoor Games Author: Howe, WH Date:1880 AU$ 15.00
Jacoby, O & Morehead, A The Fireside Book of Cards Author: Jacoby, O & Morehead, A Date:1957 Pages:364 AU$ 35.00
Jones, Miss W Games of Patience Author: Jones, Miss W Date:2010 Pages:116 AU$ 12.00
Kempson, E Calypso Complete Author: Kempson, E Date:1954 Pages:76 AU$ 20.00
Laura A. Van Vleet & G. L. Norris Playing With The Big Boys Softcover, 2002, 140 pages. AU$ 30.00

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