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Ashley Mallett Chappelli Speaks Out Hard Cover, 258 pages. AU$ 25.00
Block, JR & Yuker, HE Can You Believe Your Eyes? Hardcover with dust jacket, 1989, 249 pages. AU$ 40.00
Christopher Ward How to Complain Paperback, 264 pages. AU$ 20.00
Dr Joshua Hovey The Game of Signatures : Gematria & Numbers of God Year: 1993, Pages: 255. AU$ 45.00
E. Lenox Figgis Gamblers Handbook Hard Cover, 240 pages. AU$ 20.00
Geoffrey Mott-Smith Mathematical Puzzles for Beginners and Enthusiasts Soft Cover, 248 pages. AU$ 25.00
Hovey, Dr J Book of Numbers Author: Hovey, Dr L. Pages: 35. AU$ 30.00
Ian Brayshaw The Wit of Cricket Hard Cover, 111 pages. AU$ 15.00
Jennie Rowley Lees Franquin: Master Showman Soft Cover, 245 pages. AU$ 35.00
John W. Dawson Lee's Guide to the Game of Draughts Hard Cover, 207 pages. AU$ 20.00
Joyce Nicholson 150 Games and Competitions Soft Cover, 64 pages, Year: 1940-1949. AU$ 25.00
Maurice Kraitchik Mathematical Recreations: 2nd revised edition Soft Cover, 330 pages, Year: 1953 AU$ 25.00
Rob Eastaway & Jeremy Wyndham Why do Buses come in Threes? Soft Cover, 211 pages, Year: 2006 AU$ 15.00
Roger Longrigg The Artless Gambler Hard Cover, 114 pages. AU$ 25.00
Sam Loyd Mathematical Puzzles Soft Cover, 167 pages. AU$ 25.00
Sam Loyd Mathematical Puzzles: vol. 2 Soft Cover, 177 pages, Year: 1960. AU$ 25.00
Steve Lohr Go To Soft Cover, 250 pages. AU$ 20.00

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