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Abrahams, G Brains in Bridge Author: Abrahams, G AU$ 18.00
Abrahams, G Brains in Bridge Author: Abrahams, G 1962 1st 262 pages Constable AU$ 25.00
Adams, CT Contract Bridge Standardized Author: Adams, CT Date:1929 Pages:73 AU$ 25.00
Anderson, J Hands On: Weak Two-Bids Paperback, spiral bound, 2007. AU$ 20.00
Andrew Kambites Duplicate Pairs For You Published 1991, Hardcover, 144 pages AU$ 20.00
Bergen, M Marty Sez . . .Volume 2 Author: Bergen, M Date:2002 Pages:184 AU$ 29.95
Bergen, M Marty Sez . . .Volume 3 Author: Bergen, M Date:2003 Pages:192 AU$ 29.95
Bergen, M More Points Schmoints! Author: Bergen, M AU$ 30.00
Bergen, M Pocket Posh Tips for Bridge Players Paperback, 2011, 128pp AU$ 22.95
Bergen, Marty Points Schmoints Year:1995 Reprinted:2019 Pages:210 Format:SC Edition:1 AU$ 34.95
Bird, D 25 Bridge Myths Exposed Author: Bird, D AU$ 32.95
Bird, David 52 Bridge Mistakes To Avoid Improve your game by reducing your mistakes. AU$ 29.95
Bird, David Advanced Bridge: A Practical Guide to Improving 2014, soft cover, pages: 128. AU$ 30.00
Blackwood, E The Human Element in Bridge Author: Blackwood, E Date:1961 Pages:246 AU$ 28.00
Blubaugh, J The Forcing Notrump Author: Blubaugh, J Date:1993 Pages:32 AU$ 10.00
Boehm, A Demon Defense And Demon Doubling Author: Boehm, A Date:2004 Pages:172 AU$ 26.95
Boehm, A Three Notrump In Depth Author: Boehm, A AU$ 26.95
Boehm, A.W. Private Sessions - A Bridge Education Author: Boehm, A.W. Date:2002 Pages:230 AU$ 34.95
Bridge World Bridge Movies & Post-Mortems Author: Bridge World AU$ 8.00
Browne, D Advanced Bridge Uncontested Auctions Author: Browne, D Date:2010 Pages:168 AU$ 16.95
Bruno, Steve Team Tactics in Bridge Team tactics and strategy AU$ 19.95
Burn, D How to Survive Your First Tournament Author: Burn, D Date:1994 Pages:160 AU$ 14.00
Cederborg, W Coffee With Mary Jane (Farrell) Author: Cederborg, W AU$ 18.00
Coffin, George Sturgis Bridge Play From A to Z Author: Coffin, George Sturgis Date:1979 Pages:350 AU$ 25.00
Cohen, B & Lederer, R ABC of Contract Bridge Author: Cohen, B & Barrow, R AU$ 10.00
Cohen, Larry Larry Teaches Declarer Play at Notrump 2017, 64 pages, spiral bound. AU$ 24.95
Cohen, Larry Larry teaches Declarer Play at Suit Contracts Author: Cohen. L., 2016, 64 pages, spiral bound. AU$ 24.95
Colchamiro, Mel How You Can Play Like an Expert 2007, 276 pages AU$ 44.95
Culbertson E About Bridge Author: Culbertson E AU$ 8.00
Culbertson E Gold Book (x 11) Author: Culbertson E AU$ 25.00
Culbertson E Own Summary - CB at a Glance Author: Culbertson E Date:1932 AU$ 15.00
Culbertson E The Official Book of Contract Author: Culbertson E AU$ 10.00
Culbertson E The Official Book of Contract Bridge Author: Culbertson E Date:1946 AU$ 20.00
Culbertson E The Official Book of Contract Bridge Author: Culbertson E AU$ 5.00
Culbertson E (Rev. by T. Reese) Contract Bridge Complete Author: Rovere, EW AU$ 18.00
Dalton, W Bridge Abridged (Dalton on Bridge, 4th edn) Author: Dalton, W Date:1902 Pages: 177 AU$ 30.00
Dalton, W Bridge Abridged (Dalton on Bridge, 9th edn) Author: Dalton, W Date:1912 Pages:182 AU$ 28.00
Darwen, H Bridge Magic Author: Darwen, H Date:1973 Pages:216 AU$ 35.00
David Bird The Abbot's Return to Earth Published 2016, paperback, 144 pages AU$ 29.95
DeSerpa, Allan Pattern Relays 2020, 227 pages, paperback. AU$ 32.95
Doe, John The Bridge Manual (3rd edn) Author: Doe, John Date:1901 AU$ 45.00
Dormer, A Powerhouse Hands Author: Dormer, A AU$ 20.00
English Bridge Union Really Easy Mistakes Author: English Bridge Union Date:2000 Pages:124 AU$ 22.00
Feldheim, H Winning Swiss Team Tactics in Bridge Author: Feldheim, H AU$ 18.00
Flint, J Tiger Bridge Author: Flint, J & North, F Date:1970 Pages:191 AU$ 25.00
Forrester, T Secrets of Success Author: Forrester, T Date:2003 Pages:160 AU$ 12.00
Frank Stewart Better Bridge for the Advancing Player Published 1984, Hard cover AU$ 25.00
Garnett, Andrew Major Suit Raises 2016, 109 pages, paperback. AU$ 24.95
Ginossar, Eldad Power Up Your Bridge Game Author: Ginossar, Eldad Date:2019 Pages:184 AU$ 32.95
Goren, Charles Bridge Is My Game, Lessons Of A Lifetime Author: Goren, Charles Date:1972 Pages:190 AU$ 22.00

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