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Dealer 4

Dealer 4
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Dealer 4

Dealer 4 is the most sophisticated dealing machine in the world.


Dealer 4 is constructed to provide long and reliable operation. Using stainless steel as the main chassis material provides a robust and streamlined appearance. Direct drive Brushless DC and Stepper motors, ball bearings and no belts or gears provide long life and low maintenance operation. The powerful 200MHz DSP processor provides fast and accurate functionality. Full control of card movement eliminates any possibility of error during dealing.

**errors during dealing are possible, read errors, feed card and gate errors can happen. They depend mainly on the condition of the cards. The acceptable error ratio for cards in good condition is 1 error for 100 dealt boards. These errors are reported and the machine operator can take proper action. Probability of the undetected error which may lead to an incorrectly dealt board is zero.

**regular maintenance of the machine is required. Refer to the Dealer4 Maintenance Adjusting and Cleaning Manual on

Optical Card Recognition

One of the main features of Dealer4 is the Optical Card Recognition System. Dealer4 does not require bar-coded or any another specially marked cards which can be expensive. Any standard sized cards can be used. The OCRS uses a video camera and a DSP processor to analyze the image of the card thereby directing it to the necessary gate.

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