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Introduction to Defender`s PlayA New Approach to Play and Defense Volume 2

A New Approach to Play and Defense

A New Approach to Play and Defense
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Author: Kantar, Edwin B

A few scuffs on the cover but otherwise in great shape Review by Tim Bourke:
This is another collection of 102 entertaining, instructive and challenging quizzes (two are on the covers) aimed at experienced but not expert players (although even the latter group will find much to enjoy). The format is novel: first it has 25 problems on play followed by 25 on defence that are based on very similar deals then 25 on defence followed by 25 on play. It will do no good to remember the answer in a previous section because small changes are made in a way that creates new problems. Also, the hidden deal may not be arranged as before. Finally, the key lesson points of each quiz are summarised at the end of each answer. It is a winner.

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