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Contract Bridge of 1931

Contract Bridge of 1931
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Author: Boyden, Elizabeth Clark & Warren, Mrs Prescott (Emily Stanley)

Review by Tim Bourke:
A reasonable, survey of the game for its time in, even though the original requirements for a one level opening bid were remarkably light. The second edition is copyright 1928 and starts with the Vanderbilt scoring. Perhaps this was an attempt to adapt to cater for the booming popularity of this form of the game. (See Work's Contract Bridge for similarities!) The book consists of a series of "concise lessons" on bidding with a final section of illustrative hands. The format proved successful enough to be continued with new editions, with updated bidding lessons, in 1930 and 1931. The selection of illustrative hands changed from edition to edition. They are of interest today mainly because their analysis is often wrong, incomplete or based entirely on double dummy analysis of the full deal. Of note is that the first edition of "1929" has the authors' names in reverse order.

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