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Talking Bridge - Intermediate Level Overview

Talking Bridge - Intermediate Level Overview
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Author: Cohen, Larry

By popular request, Larry has finally dictated an audio CD. Listen to him share his thoughts on bridge…when you're at home…on the road…wherever and whenever you have time.

Larry Cohen is not only one of the world's best players, but also one of the world's most-popular writers and teachers. Intermediate level players will enjoy listening to his easy-to-follow logical and practical bridge advice. These audio CD's focus on overall general strategic principals rather than technical 13- or 52-card diagrams.

1) Introduction
2) Concentration
3) Logic, Math & Memory
4) Convention Overview
5) Bidding Philosophy Overview
6) Overall Approach and 2C Opening
7) 1NT Opening
8) 1-of-a-Major Openings
9) 1-of-a-Minor Openings
10) 1-level Wrapup
11) Weak Two Bids and Responses

12) Two Over one Game Force
13) Doubles
14) Misc. Back of Card Items
15) Versus 1NT
16) Slam Bidding
17) Carding
18) Declarer Play
19) Defense
20) How to Improve
21) Partnership
22) Larry's Credentials
23) Last Minute Tips

For Intermediate level players.
Total running time: 104 minutes (2 discs)


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