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Evans, L, et al. How to Open a Chess Game Authors: Larry Evans Svetozar Gligoric Vlastimil Hort Paul Keres Bent Larsen Tigren Petrosian Lajos Portisch Year: 1974 Pages: 229 Soft Cover Condition: Worn AU$ 30.00
Fenwicke-Clennell, Geoffrey Edward Contract Bridge in Principle and Play, Laufen Club Year:1947 Pages:112 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Hutchinson, London AU$ 12.00
Ferguson, Wynne Practical Auction Bridge Year:1926 Pages:222 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Doran, New York AU$ 25.00
Fitzsimmons, Cortland Better Bridge Year:1928 Pages:238 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:McBride, New York AU$ 25.00
Flint, J & North, F Bridge: The Golden Principles (Chinese Translation Year: 1994, Pages: 255. AU$ 15.00
Flint, Jeremy & Rimington, Derek & James, Jeremy Grand Slam Year:1983 Pages:175 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Country Life Books, Feltham Middx AU$ 20.00
Foster, R. F. Foster's Pirate Bridge Hardcover with no dust jacket, 1917, 189 pages. AU$ 40.00
Foster, R. F. Foster's Whist Manual 1890 p168 1st Edition Hard cover AU$ 160.00
Foster, R. F. Foster's Whist Manual - 2nd Edition 2nd Edition 1891 p168 Hard cover (damage to back cover, not shown in photo) AU$ 25.00
Foster, R. F. Foster's Whist Manual - 3rd Edition 3rd Edition 1894 p214 Hard Cover AU$ 35.00
Foster, RF Foster's Whist Tactics 1895 p221, Goldtrim Hard cover AU$ 75.00
Foster, Robert Frederick Vanity Fair's Bridge Problems Year:1932 Pages:198 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Liveright, New York AU$ 65.00
Frank Stewart Better Bridge for the Advancing Player Published 1984, Hard cover AU$ 25.00
Frédérique Crestin-Billet Collectible Playing Cards Small book, soft cover, 2002, 377 pages. AU$ 48.00
Gardner, M Mathematics, Magic and Mystery Author: Gardner, M Date:1956 Pages:176 AU$ 25.00
Geoffrey Mott-Smith Mathematical Puzzles for Beginners and Enthusiasts Soft Cover, 248 pages. AU$ 20.00
George Peche Interventions At The Bridge Table 1986 AU$ 10.00
Glenn, Jim Programmed Poker Hardcover, no dust jacket. Author: Glenn, Jim Date:1981 Pages:159 AU$ 25.00
Gooden, George St Clair & Hansen, Harold A Contract Bridge/Play of the Cards Year:1933 Pages:109 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Hansen, Los Angeles AU$ 10.00
Graham Reed Waddingtons Card Trick Collection Soft paper cover, 29 pages. AU$ 25.00
Gruenther, Alfred Maximilian Duplicate Contract Complete Year:1933 Pages:328 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:The Bridge World, New York AU$ 85.00
Hall, Peter Competitive Bidding at Pairs Year:1996 Pages:182 Format:paper Edition:1 Publisher:South Bucks Bridge Club, Burnham, Bucks AU$ 45.00
Hamilton, C.D.P. Modern Scientific Whist 1894 p599 First Edition Hard cover AU$ 65.00
Hamilton, C.D.P. Modern Scientific Whist (1st Edn) 1st Edition 1894 p633 Hard cover AU$ 75.00
Hamilton, C.D.P. Modern Scientific Whist (5th Ed) 5th Edition 1903 p639 Hard cover AU$ 60.00
Hargrave, Catherine Perry A History of Playing Cards Softcover, 1966, 462 pages. AU$ 55.00
Harold Feldheim Five Card Major Bidding in Contract Bridge Published in 1985, paperback, 181 pages AU$ 12.00
Hart, Norman De Villiers Bridge Players' Bedside Book: Leading Questions... Year:1939 Pages:160 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Eyre & Spottiswoode, London AU$ 25.00
Hart, Norman De Villiers Daily Telegraph and Morning Post Book of Contract Year:1938 Pages:206 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Daily Telegraph and Morning Post, London AU$ 20.00
Hart, Norman De Villiers Slams a La Culbertson Year:1937 Pages:99 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Joiner & Steele, London AU$ 25.00
Hartley, J G Teach Yourself Contract Bridge Year:1949 Pages:175 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:E U P, London AU$ 10.00
Hasler, Alexander T Duplicate Bridge Simplified Year:1935 Pages:134 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Harrap & Waddington, London AU$ 40.00
Heath, Forrest Atherton & Beebe, Henry W Eleven-Seven: A Manual of the Heath System Year:1933 Pages:55 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Author, Up Montclair, N J AU$ 25.00
Hellespont Hellespont on Bridge Author: Hellespont Date:1905 5th Edition Publishers: Thos. De La Rue & Co., London AU$ 40.00
Hellman, Sam Low Bridge and Punk Pungs Year:1924 Pages:112 Format:paperboard Edition:1 Publisher:Little Brown and Company, Boston AU$ 40.00
Hervey, George Headlights on Contract Bridge Year:1931 Pages:160 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Jenkins, London AU$ 10.00
Hingley, S. H. Hints on Royal Auction Bridge Year:1920 Pages:116 Format:hb Publisher: G. Bell & Son, Ltd., London AU$ 30.00
Hodson, Selwyn & Kendrick, Jack H Auction Bridge Without Tears Year:1924 Pages:255 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Jarrolds, London AU$ 30.00
Hodson, Selwyn & Kendrick, Jack H Auction Bridge Without Tears Year:1929 Pages:272 Format:hbj Edition:2 Publisher:Jarrolds, London AU$ 30.00
Holmes F. L. Your Bridge Psychology Holmes F. L., Brinsmade, E. 1932 p95 Hardcover Bridge Headquarters, New York AU$ 40.00
Holmes, F L & Brinsmade, Estelle Your Bridge Psychology Year:1932 Pages:95 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Bridge Headquarters, New York AU$ 35.00
Holmes, Leah Britton & Britton, J G The Nonsense System of Contract Bridge Year:1936 Pages:51 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Garrett & Mossie, New York AU$ 20.00
Hovey, Dr J Book of Numbers Author: Hovey, Dr L. Pages: 35. AU$ 25.00
Hugard, J & Braue, F Expert Card Technique Hard cover with paper sleeve, 1974 (fifth impression), 474 pages. AU$ 90.00
Hughes, Roy The Contested Auction Year: 2012 Pages: 336 AU$ 28.00
Huske, William J & Replogle, J Leonard Towie Year:1934 Pages:77 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Towie, New York AU$ 30.00
Ingram, Harry St John The Ingram One Club or Simplified Bridge Year:1935 Pages:96 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Eyre & Spottiswoode, London AU$ 20.00
Irwin, Florence Complete Auction Bridge Player Year:1922 Pages:406 Format:hbj Edition:2 Publisher:G P Putnam's Sons, London/New York AU$ 40.00
Irwin, Florence Holding Hands: Three-Score-and-Ten Auctions Year:1923 Pages:159 Format:HB(no dust jacket) Edition:1 Publisher:G P Putnam's Sons, New York AU$ 45.00
Irwin, Florence The Fine Points of Auction Bridge Year:1913 Pages:168 Format:hbj Edition:2 Publisher:G P Putnam's Sons, New York AU$ 40.00

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