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This is a listing of all our new books on offer. The list is sorted alphabetically by author and then by title, but as there are about 500 items in this list, you may find it easier to search by author or by keyword by using the search box above.


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Swanson, M Practise Your Splinter Bids Author: Swanson, M Date:1997 Pages:16 AU$ 8.95
Teukolsky, R How to Play Bridge With Your Spouse...and survive! Author: Teukolsky, R Date:2002 Pages:192 AU$ 29.95
Thomson, Matthew Bid More, Play More, Enjoy More, Win More Year:2013 AU$ 26.95
Thomson, Matthew How to be a Lucky Player Back your judgement, and get lucky! AU$ 26.95
Thurston, P 25 Steps to Learning 2/1 Author: Thurston, P Publication date: 6/28/2002 Pages: 192 AU$ 32.95
Thurston, Paul Bridge At The Breakfast Table Author: Thurston, Paul Date:2011 Pages:175 AU$ 29.95
Thurston, Paul Playing 2 over 1 The Rest of the Story Author: Thurston, Paul Date:2017 Pages:200 AU$ 29.95
Townsend, T Bridge Out of School Author: Townsend, T Date:2007 Pages:146 AU$ 29.95
Treble, Bill Defending at Bridge : A First Course year: 2016 pages: 160 SC AU$ 29.95
Treble, Bill Getting into the Bidding Paperback. 2012. 224pp AU$ 34.95
Treble, Bill Two Over One : A First Course AU$ 29.95
Truscott, Dorothy Bid Better, Play Better Author: Hayden-Truscott, D AU$ 24.95
Tucker, Patty Conventions Useful with 2/1 2014, Soft Cover, 139 pages. AU$ 19.95
Vancellette, C The Elusive Masterpoint Author: Vancellette, C AU$ 29.95
Vine, Frank North of The Master Solver`s Club Author: Vine, Frank Date:2008 AU$ 29.95
Wang, Chein-Hwa Practical Bridge Endings Author: Wang, Chein-Hwa Date:2003 Pages:128 AU$ 22.95
Wei, CC Revised Summary of the Precision System Author: Wei, CC Date:1978 Pages:10 AU$ 2.20
Weiss, D Bridge: Defense at Trick One Author: Weiss, D Date:2001 Pages:184 AU$ 29.95
Wenble, M & Brock, S No-Trump Bidding Author: Wenble, M & Brock, S Date:2005 Pages:112 AU$ 29.95
Winkler, P Bridge At The Enigma Club Author: Winkler, P Date:2010 Pages:181 AU$ 29.95
Wiss MD The Bridge World`s Test Your Play Author: Rubens, J Date:2002 Pages:160 AU$ 24.95
Wolff, B Bidding Challenge Author: Wolff, B Date:1986 Pages:43 AU$ 16.95
Wolff, Bobby The Lone Wolff Author: Wolff, Bobby Date:2008 Pages:287 AU$ 34.95
Woolsey, K Matchpoints - Second Edition Author: Woolsey, K Date:2015 Pages:362 Bridge Winners Press AU$ 44.95
Woolsey, K Partnership Defense in Bridge Author: Woolsey, K AU$ 29.95
Woolsey, Kit The Language of Bridge 2017, Soft Cover, 308 pages. AU$ 36.95
World Championships 2009 2009 World Bridge Championships-Sao Paulo Author: World Championships 2009 AU$ 59.95
World Championships 2010 2010 World Bridge Championships-Philadelphia Author: World Championships 2010 AU$ 59.95
World Championships 2013 2013 World Bridge Championships - Bali Author: World Championships 2013 AU$ 60.00
World Championships 2015 2015 World Championship Chennai Author: World Championships 2015 AU$ 59.95
Zines, Dennis Everyday Bridge Adventures Date:2015 Format: paperback Pages:168 Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd. AU$ 19.95
Zines, Tina Intermediate Bridge Play Problems Format: paperback AU$ 16.95
Zorn, B Bridge Abridged Author: Zorn, Bill SC 1998 90 pages AU$ 14.95

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