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This is a listing of all our new books on offer. The list is sorted alphabetically by author and then by title, but as there are about 500 items in this list, you may find it easier to search by author or by keyword by using the search box above.


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O'Connor, Patrick A First Book of Bridge Problems Author: O'Connor, Patrick AU$ 22.95
O'Connor, Patrick Problems in Play First Book of Bridge Problems Author: O'Connor, Patrick Date:2011 Pages:119 AU$ 22.95
Oakley, Peter The Diamond Major Author: Oakley, P (NZ) Date:1992 Pages:65 AU$ 10.95
O’Connor, Patrick Second Book of Bridge Problems, The Patrick O'Connor The follow-up to the award- winning book of problems AU$ 22.95
Parker, F Win At Duplicate Bridge Author: Parker, F Date:2009 Pages:208 AU$ 29.95
Parrish, A Bridge at the Cranmer Club Author: Parrish, A Date: 2014 Pages: 134 Bridge Winners Press AU$ 19.95
Parrish, A When to Draw Trumps Author: Parrish, A Date: 2015 Pages: 307 Bridge Winners Press AU$ 34.95
Pomerantz, G The Devil's Tickets Softcover, 300pp, 2009 AU$ 29.95
Pottage, J Back Through the Pack Author: Pottage, J Date:2006 Pages:264 AU$ 29.95
Pottage, J The Bridge Player's Bible HC 256 pages AU$ 39.95
Pottage, J Win The Big Match Author: Pottage, J Date:2005 Pages:160 AU$ 29.95
Pottage, J & Burrows, P The Art of Psychic Bidding (and its pitfalls) Author: Pottage, J & Burrows, P AU$ 29.95
Pottage, Julian Defend Or Declare? Year: 2012 Pages: 160 AU$ 26.95
Pottage, Julian Why you still lose at bridge Identify your errors and then eliminate them AU$ 34.95
Priebe, J Deadly Hold-Up Author: Priebe, J Date:2010 Pages:152 AU$ 29.95
Priebe, J Matchpoint Defense Author: Priebe, J Date:2006 Pages:199 AU$ 26.95
Priebe, J Takeout Double: A Bridge Mystery Author: Priebe, J AU$ 29.95
Reese & Trezel The mistakes You Make At Bridge Author: Reese & Trezel Date:2006 Pages:160 AU$ 29.95
Reese, T Learn Bridge with Reese Author: Reese, T Date:1987 Pages:162 AU$ 5.50
Reese, T Story of an Accusation Author: Reese, T AU$ 39.95
Reese, Terence and Trezel, Roger Accurate Cardplay A reprint of Safety Plays; Blocking and Unblocking Plays; Elimination Play and When to Duck and When to Win in Bridge. AU$ 32.95
Reese, Terence and Trezel, Roger Imaginitive Cardplay A reprint of Master the Odds; Snares and Swindles; Those Extra Chances and The Art of Defense AU$ 32.95
Rexford, Ken Cuebidding at Bridge Author: Rexford, Ken Date:2007 Pages:200 AU$ 32.95
Rigal, B Breaking the bridge Rules First Hand Play Author: Rigal, B Date:2010 Pages:174 AU$ 29.95
Robson, A Bridge Common Mistakes & How to Avoid Them Author: Robson, A Date:2005 Pages:205 AU$ 32.95
Rodwell, E Eric Rodwell's Bidding Topics Publisher: Baron Barclay Bridge Date:2017 Pages:169 AU$ 29.95
Rodwell, E & Horton, M The Rodwell Files: Advanced Cardplay Maneuvers Author: Rodwell, E & Horton, M Date:2011 Pages:400 AU$ 42.95
Root, W ABC's of Bridge AU$ 19.95
Roth, D Challenge Your Declarer Play Author: Roth, D Date:2000 Pages:128 AU$ 17.95
Roth, D Clues to Winning Play Author: Roth, D Date:1987 Pages:128 AU$ 26.95
Roth, D Hand Reading in Bridge Author: Roth, D AU$ 24.95
Roth, D How to Beat the Experts at Bridge Author: Roth, D Date:2007 Pages: AU$ 29.95
Roth, D Pathways to Better Bridge Defense Author: Roth, D Date:2003 Pages:160 AU$ 29.95
Roth, D Spot the Bridge Writer`s Blunder! Author: Roth, D AU$ 24.95
Roth, Danny Three Classic Books Focus on Bidding Focus on Declarer Play Focus on Defence AU$ 25.00
Rubens, J Expert Bridge Simplified - Arithmetic Shortcuts for Declarer Author: Rubens, J Date:2009 Pages:414 AU$ 42.95
Rubens, J Swiss Match Challenge Author: Rubens, J AU$ 22.95
Rubens, Jeff and Ewen, Bob It’s All in the Game The fun side of bridge – the best of humour and great hands over the years AU$ 25.00
Sachar, Louis The Cardturner Author: Sachar, Louis Date:2010 Pages:352 AU$ 44.95
Sands, N Standard American Bridge Updated Author: Sands, N AU$ 15.00
Schoenborn, Michael Bridge on a Shoestring Toronto in the 1960s and 1970s, great characters, great stories, great bridge hands AU$ 29.95
Schulz, Charles M Bridge Mix Over 60 hilarious cartoons by the creator of Peanuts and Snoopy AU$ 10.00
Seagram & Smith Practice Makes Perfect Author: Seagram & Smith AU$ 29.95
Seagram, B & Bird D 25 Conventions for ACOL players Author: Seagram, B & Bird D AU$ 32.95
Seagram, B & Bird D 25 More Bridge Conventions You Should Know Author: Seagram, B & Bird D AU$ 32.95
Seagram, B & Bird, D 25 Ways to Be a Better Defender Author: Seagram, B & Bird, D AU$ 32.95
Seagram, B & Bird, D 25 Ways to Take More Tricks as Declarer Author: Seagram, B & Bird, D AU$ 32.95
Seagram, B & Bird, D Declarer Play: A Quizbook Year:2013 AU$ 24.95
Seagram, B & Bird, D Defensive Play at Bridge A quiz book on every player’s worst area. AU$ 24.95
Seagram, B & Bird, D Planning The Play of a Bridge Hand Author: Seagram, B & Bird, D AU$ 29.95

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