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Dealer 4 BridgeMate II CompScore 2
Dealer 4

We are the Australian agents for Dealer 4.

AU$4495.00 plus delivery, no hidden costs.

Bridgemate II

More features for players and TDs.

Easier to use than any other scoring system.

Compscore 2

Compscore2 is a bridge scoring program designed for use with Bridgemates.

Free club website.

Card Holder - The Winning Hand $14.95 each AU$ 14.95
BLOCKS OF BIDDING SLIPS 500 dble-sided 10 x11cm AU$ 6.80
Board Numbers - Sets of 16 Board numbers for plastic boards, sets of 16 AU$ 4.00
Howell Guide Cards
Instant Scorers- to check correct score Plasticised fold over, lots of colour for easy reading AU$ 1.00
Pens for club use AU$ 10.00
Plastic boards EBA - long life 100% plastic Suitable for dealing machines AU$ 3.30
Plastic System Card Holders AU$ 2.00
Super Bidding Box Inserts (100% Plastic) AU$ 29.95
System cards- ABF design 2 pages AU$ 0.35
System cards- ABF design 4 pages 2 pages back and front, 4 pages in all. AU$ 0.50
System cards- our simple design for club use AU$ 0.20
Table Cloths for Clubs AU$ 20.00
TRAVELLING SCORE SLIPS One Pad has 100 Travelling Score Sheets, AU$ 4.00
Wooden (Smaller) Bidding Block Holder AU$ 12.95
Bridge Boards Carry-case AU$ 65.00
Bridge Table AU$ 250.00
Bridgemate II The next generation wireless scoring system for bridge clubs and tournaments Please email paul@bridgegear.com to receive a quote AU$ 220.00
Bridgemate II Carry-case AU$ 88.00
Bridgemate II Replacement Keypad Replacement keypad for the Bridgemate II. AU$ 13.50
Bridgemate II Replacement Screen Replacement screen for the Bridgemate II. AU$ 25.00
Bridgemate II Server Bridgemate II Server. AU$ 330.00
Card Holder (Large, Timber) 2 slot wooden card holder. AU$ 11.95
Card Holder (Small, Timber) 2 slot wooden card holder. AU$ 10.95
Card Holder Card Cady Small plastic card holders. AU$ 9.95
Card Holder Long Curved Wooden Curved wood card holder. AU$ 14.95
Card Holder Long White Plastic Long white plastic card holder. AU$ 14.95
Card Holder Round Plastic Small plastic card holders. AU$ 4.95
Card Holder Triangular Plastic Small, triangular card holders. AU$ 4.95
Compscore 2 Compscore2 is a bridge scoring program designed for use with Bridgemates, but works with other scoring systems also AU$ 250.00
Dealer 4 Dealer 4. Please email paul@bridgegear.com or phone 02-4295-0870 for a quote or information AU$ 4 495.00
Dealer 4+ New model with a computer screen at the front. AU$ 4 850.00
Large Wooden Bidding Pad Holder Light wooden bidding pad holder. AU$ 12.95
Left-handed Bidding Boxes - Orange-coloured Set of 4 Neo design bidding boxes with left-handed plastic coated bid cards AU$ 74.95
Plastic Boards Superior AU$ 3.30
Playing cards - Supremes Plastic Coated Playing cards - NEW SUPREME Plastic Coated AU$ 1.00
Playing Cards - Double Piatniks AU$ 22.95
Playing Cards - Double Piatniks (Gold Trim) AU$ 32.95
Playing cards - Sunshine 100% plastic Sun Cards 100% plastic cards - Non-static long wearing AU$ 3.30
Playing cards - Super cards 100% plastic AU$ 3.85
Playing cards -Anti-revoke plastic-coated Anti-revoke plastic-coated cards - strong and long wearing AU$ 2.50
Queens Slipper plastic coated playing cards AU$ 3.50
Small Wooden Bidding Pad Holder Dark wooden small bidding pad holder. AU$ 12.95
Super Bidding Box Super Bidding Box Set of four 100% plastic symmetrical Bidding cards suitable for right and left handed players. AU$ 59.95
Table Numbers (with scoring table on the reverse) Tables 1-18. $2 per table = $36. AU$ 36.00
Timer for basketball/soccer, 42cm X 24 cm. AU$ 180.00

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