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Augie Boehm Hand Evaluation Softcover, Year: 2017, Pages: 142. AU$ 29.95
Bergen, M Everyones Guide to the NEW Convention Card Book Author: Bergen, M Book Pages:151 Year: 1994 AU$ 44.95
Bergen, M Secrets to Winning Bridge #26:What You Must Know Author: Bergen, M Pages:24 AU$ 12.95
Bergen, Marty Points Schmoints Year:1995 Pages:210 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Magnus, Stamford Ct AU$ 28.00
Bergholt, Ernest Bergholt's Modern Auction, It's Bidding Year:1924 Pages:358 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Hutchinson, London AU$ 25.00
Berkowitz, David Precision Today The best modern book on Precision AU$ 29.95
Boeder, J Thinking About IMPs Author: Boeder, J Date:1994 Pages:269 AU$ 30.00
Boeder, J Thinking About IMPs Author: Boeder, J Date:1994 Pages:269 AU$ 20.00
Brinig, Liz Bridge Bidding/The Golden Rules Year:1991 Pages:149 Format:pb Edition:1 Publisher:Crowood Press, Wiltshire AU$ 10.00
Browne, Derrick Advanced Bridge: Contested Auctions 8 chapters with quiz, hands to bid, 4 hands to play AU$ 16.95
Desai, G Revolution in Contract Bridge Author: Desai, G & Litt, D Date:1982 Pages:557 AU$ 45.00
Desai, G & Mehta, R Contract Bridge Pre-empt with Safety Author: Desai, G & Mehta, R Date:1995 Pages:72 AU$ 20.00
DeSerpa, Allan Sixpack 2014, Soft Cover, 220 pages. AU$ 29.95
Frank, Stewart What's Your Call? 2013 Soft Cover 224 pages AU$ 29.95
George Peche Interventions At The Bridge Table 1986 AU$ 10.00
Goldman, B Slam Bidding is Fun Author: Goldman, Bobby AU$ 20.00
Harold Feldheim Five Card Major Bidding in Contract Bridge Published in 1985, paperback, 181 pages AU$ 12.00
Kaban, T A Complete System for the Tournament Player Year:2016 Pages:233 Format:paperboard Master Point Press AU$ 29.95
Kimelman, Neil The Right Bid at the Right Time Author: Neil Kimelman Date: 2016 AU$ 34.95
Kimelman, Neil Thin Fine Line, The Year:2013 AU$ 29.95
Klinger, Ron 5 Card Majors Author: Klinger, R Date:1992 Pages:126 AU$ 15.00
Klinger, Ron Improve Your Slam Bidding Klinger, Ron Master Bridge Series Soft Cover, 2012, 128 pages AU$ 29.95
Klinger, Ron The Power of Shape Best Seller back in Print. Paperback 144pp. 2008 AU$ 15.00
Klinger, Ron You, too, can play a Good Game Of Modern Bridge Printed in Australia 2014 soft cover, 272 pages AU$ 29.95
Lawrence, Mike Major Suit Raises Year:1983 Pages:86 Format:paper Edition:1 Publisher:Texas Bridge Supplies, Baytown, Tx AU$ 12.00
Lawrence, Mike Tips on Bidding Based on Mike Lawrence’s Bridge Tips series for intermediate players. AU$ 29.95
Magee, Bernard Doubling and Defence vs Doubled Contracts Better Bridge with Bernard DVD 4 AU$ 39.95
Magee, Bernard Finding and Bidding Slams Better Bridge with Bernard DVD 5 AU$ 39.95
Mahmood, Zia Bridge My Way Author: Mahmood, Zia Date:1994 Pages:252 AU$ 40.00
Marston, Paul The Language of Bidding: 2/1 game force Pages: 210 AU$ 34.95
Marston, Paul & Hughes, Nick Weak Twos and Strong Two Clubs Published 1991, paperback AU$ 8.00
Martens, Krzysztof Camouflage Waiting Bids AU$ 32.95
Martens, Krzysztof Extra Length Transfer Bids AU$ 29.95
Martens, Krzysztof Hand Evaluation Bidding Decisions AU$ 29.95
Martens, Krzysztof Professional Slam Bidding Part 1 Professional Slam Bidding is a look at the slam auctions bid at the table by professional players. AU$ 32.95
Martens, Krzysztof Professional Slam Bidding Part 2 Professional Slam Bidding is a look at the slam auctions bid at the table by professional players. AU$ 32.95
Martens, Krzysztof The World of Transfers AU$ 32.95
Mazer, Allan Thinking Your Way to Slam Author: Mazer, Allan Date:2006 Pages:43 AU$ 8.00
Mendelson, P Control the Bidding Year:2003 Pages:221 Format:paperback AU$ 19.95
Mendelson, P The Bidding Battle Year:1998 Pages:197 Format:paperback AU$ 20.00
Mollo, V Pocket guide to Bridge Winning Conventions Author: Mollo, V AU$ 20.00
Reese, Terence Bidding A Bridge Hand Year:1972 Pages:254 Format:pb Edition:1 Publisher:Dover, New York AU$ 15.00
Rodwell, E Eric Rodwell's Bidding Topics Publisher: Baron Barclay Bridge Date:2017 Pages:169 AU$ 29.95
Seagram, Barbara and Bird, David Bidding at Bridge: A Quizbook Learn the principles of sound bidding. For the novice player. AU$ 24.95
Timothy LeVan What Do These Bids Mean? Softcover, Year: 2017, Pages 212. AU$ 29.95
Treble, Bill Two Over One : A First Course AU$ 29.95
Tucker, Patty Conventions After a Major Suit Opening 2017, Softcover, 152 pages. AU$ 19.95
Tucker, Patty Conventions Useful with 2/1 2014, Soft Cover, 139 pages. AU$ 19.95
Wei, K & Andersen, R Action for the Defense Author: Wei, CC & Andersen, R Date:1980 Pages:245 AU$ 20.00
Woolsey, Kit The Language of Bridge 2017, Soft Cover, 308 pages. AU$ 36.95

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The Power of Positive Bidding
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