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BLOCKS OF BIDDING SLIPS 500 dble-sided 10 x11cmHowell Guide Cards

Board Numbers - Sets of 16

Board Numbers - Sets of 16

Price: AU$ 4.00
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$4.00 for a sheet of 16 numbers + postage, or 30c for selected single numbers. Sheets of numbers are 1-16, 17-32, 33-48 and one sheet with numbers 1-8 (x1) and 33-36 (x2)

These sheets also have side numbers for the boards.

Also available for the same price are large size numbers, same design and with side numbers but much more visible, nine numbers to a sheet up to board 45.

Also we have numbers with bar-codes to apply to the side of the board to make sure the board being dealt in the machine is the correct board at 35c per number or $5.60 per page of 16 numbers.

We also have sets of barcodes 1-48 for $4.50 per set.



BEST TO PHONE OR EMAIL US FROM THE HOME PAGE TO ORDER THESE. The website will not calculate postage correctly for larger orders.



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