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The Two Over One System

The Two Over One System

Price: AU$ 49.50
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Author: Lawrence, Mike

3-time World Champion Mike Lawrence puts years of experience with the Two Over One System into this software to give you access to one of the best and most popular bidding systems in the world. This program was written by Fred Gitelman, an award-winning author of computer bridge software.

2/1 Game Force is a powerful System that relies on two special treatments:

  • A two level response to an opening bid is virtually forcing to game. This allows for slower and therefore more accurate bidding.
  • A one notrump response to one of a major is forcing. This creates many new options that do not exist in a standard system.

This software begins with an extensive discussion of the System and follows with a huge quiz section that shows you the System from opener's and responder's point of view. In recognition of the fact that you have busy opponents, there are quizzes showing how to cope with competitive auctions.

In addition to the Two Over One System, you will find a number of full explanations of conventions that are optional but which Mike highly recommends you add to the system.


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