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SUBSCRIPTIONS Australian Bridge Author: SUBSCRIPTIONS AU$ 59.00
SUBSCRIPTIONS Novice Online Magazine Author: SUBSCRIPTIONS AU$ 25.00
Sundby, R Bridge in the `80s Katz-Cohen Breakthrough on Trial Author: Sundby, R Date:1984 Pages:569 AU$ 50.00
Swallingh, JL & Glencross, DJ Squash Author: Swallingh, JL & Glencross, DJ Date:1977 Pages:64 AU$ 5.00
Swanson, J Inside the Bermuda Bowl Author: Swanson, J Date:1998 Pages:250 AU$ 30.00
Swanson, J The Bermuda Bowl - History and All Time Best Deals Author: Francis, H & Senior B Date:2003 Pages:252 AU$ 22.00
Swanson, M Practise Your Splinter Bids Author: Swanson, M Date:1997 Pages:16 AU$ 8.95
Swanson, M Practise Your Splinter Bids Author: Swanson, M AU$ 8.00
Sweeney, J Original Australian Verse Author: Sweeney, J AU$ 8.00
Sykes, C A The Bridge Mind Year:1924 Pages:76 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Methuen, London Good Condition AU$ 45.00
Sykes, C.A. The Bridge Mind Author: Sykes, C.A. Date:1924 p76 Publishers: Methuen & Co., London AU$ 45.00
Szabo.L My Best Games of Chess, Pergammon Press 1986 Author: Szabo.L Date:1986 Pages:232 AU$ 150.00

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