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Previews & Premises
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Author: Tofler, Alvin

As we are still desperately struggling with the global economic crisis, this book- like all other Toffler books - may give us invaluable perspective on the reasons of the crisis and solutions for a crisis-free world.

Toffler believed that the existing institutions, politics, system are all anachronistic and are therefore incapable for the needs of the people. This simple yet rich idea explains why we are facing structural problems like unemployment, increasingly unbalanced distribution of the wealth, gender & immigrant issues, poverty, etc.

Solutions to these crucial & chronic problems cannot be as simple as economic tricks like tax or interest increases/decreases, etc. Today's society needs to welcome/appreciate the variety within and should try capitalize on this variety. This involves a rich-democracy that welcomes and promotes all types of people with differing needs, a revised education system and a totally different concept of working.


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