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Bidding Slams with Blackwood

Bidding Slams with Blackwood
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Author: Blackwood, E

Bidding slams are exciting – never a dull moment.  Back in the late 1930s, Easley Blackwood came up with a conventional bid to ask partner to disclose the number of Aces.  Being a manager for an insurance company and wanting to capitalize on his newly invented bid, Easley called his convention “Wormwood” (not wanting senior managers to think his card play was risky).
Easley also applied for a patent on Wormwood.  But the name never stuck and the patent office scoffed at the idea of patenting anything to do with Bridge.  Fortunately, his convention was loved by many who simply called his treatment the Blackwood convention.  And so Easley’s Blackwood bidding system has become the beloved slam asking bid over the last 70 years.


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